Whealan’s newest design Pamoja, Swahili for "oneness" was inspired by the desire to capture the spirit of unity, humanity and “oneness”.The design honours those nearest and dearest - family, friends, and community - the people and connections that harness a common bond and that hold you up. Like branches on a tree, each person may grow and travel their own path, but at the root is an unspoken togetherness. Be sure to honour the magical and serendipitous moments in the shared journey. Give thanks for each moment. Take in all you can and celebrate your tribe.

Pamoja Bracelet

$110.00 - $1,440.00

Pamoja Earrings

$95.00 - $900.00

Pamoja Pendant

$70.00 - $580.00

Pamoja Ring

$75.00 - $545.00