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the ib hands

At the heart of ib designs is Whealan Massicott. Native to the Commonwealth of Dominica, Whealan frequently turns to nature for inspiration. Now at home on St. Croix, his richness of imagination, creativity and material invention allows him to create and express the diversity of the Caribbean islands’ history, culture and spirit of the people.

An artist at heart, Whealan crafts with good feelings and great care. Whealan feels fortunate to love what he does and share the experience with his extended ib family. The ib family has grown over the years and includes spirited car enthusiasts, dog lovers, music makers, mothers, adventurers, students, fathers, gardeners, and dreamers.

Whealan, Kris, Jamal, Savannah, Abbie, and Jordan are the ib team. They share lots of laughter and creative good times. ib designs is feel good people making feel good jewelry.

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ANAIS.png Anaïs
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JORDAN_1.jpg Jordan
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SAVANNAH.png Kimberly
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SAVANNAH.png Savannah
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WHEALAN.png Whealan